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3. Disclaimer

Linux High Availability (Linux-HA) is my private project. Although I work for IBM, IBM will not be made responsible for any development being made for Linux-HA.

With Linux-HA, I am not in competition with IBM. IBM HACMP for AIX is commercial software which has been successful in the market for a couple of years. Linux-HA will be freely available under the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2 or later. I will not make any business with Linux-HA. However Linux value adding resellers (VARs) may use, enhance and sell this product at their discretion and in accordance to the GPL.

No IBM code will be used in the Linux-HA project. All Linux-HA code will be written off scratch, just like the Linux kernel itself. All developers involved in this project will have to make sure they will not use nor clone any HACMP for AIX code. Otherwise I can get in serious trouble or even run the risk of being sued by my employer. I will attempt to disclose anyone who does not follow this rule from the development process. Please understand I have to act this way.

My role in the project will not involve programming very much. I am not a very gifted programmer, and I don't understand very much of the network and SCSI programming that needs to be done. Instead, being familiar with a commercial solution that is very successful in the marketplace and the customers' needs concerning HA, I will try to help with the overall structure and concepts and document everything except maybe the source code, and organize the closed mailing list for the development team. Plus, I'll make sure that the project has the publicity and visibility it needs, possibly requiring donations from the industry.

This software will be delivered as-is. I will not be made responsible for any damage caused by this software except if being contracted explicitly. You have been warned.

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