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1. About this document

This is the Linux High Availability HOWTO. It is meant to be a white paper for the development of Linux High Availablility (Linux-HA being the initial working title). Developers interested in participating in the project will find here the basic concepts and ideas behind Linux-HA. The document will be re-written in parts during the development process to reflect the progress of concepts and implementation. Eventually, this HOWTO will be what its name implies today: a manual for the Linux-HA software package.

This HOWTO is part of the Linux Documentation Project. If you need to know more about the Linux Documentation Project or about Linux HOWTO's in general, feel free to contact the supervisor Greg Hankins or visit the HOWTO Index.

The Linux High Availability HOWTO can be found on the World Wide Web at New versions of the Linux High Availability HOWTO are always placed at there first, so please be sure to check if the copy you are reading is still up to date! To make this easier, there is a Changes section.

Mirrors are currently at

Companies and developers who are interested in joining this effort should contact me at

There is also a closed mailing list for Linux-HA. "Closed" means that only subscribers will be allowed to post messages to the list to prevent spammers from sending their crap. If you are interested, send an (empty) mail to The list manager will send a reply upon which you have to send a conformation. This makes sure that nobody subscribes with someone else's address. The mailing list itself is

Remark: I am not working actively on Linux-HA at this time however will continue to incorporate new ideas and aspects to this document. Please subscribe to the above mentioned mailing list if you are interested to contribute!

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