Re-integrating Over the Phone Line

If you are planning on taking a Coda laptop on an extended trip, you should consider using dial-up connection like SLIP or PPP to reintegrate with the Coda servers periodically. This will make your updates visible to other Coda users, protect against client crashes such as hard drive failure or theft, and allow you to work on multiple projects, even when your cache space is not large enough for all of the projects. By using the following instructions, you can reintegrate over the phone and change the files in your hoard database.

  1. Dial to your network remote access server.

  2. After network connection is established, tell Coda to see which servers it can communicate with cfs checkservers Your laptop will now behave as if it is on the network. Take into consideration that response time to commands will be much slower, than on the LAN.

Important: You can trigger immediate reintegration of a specific volume by issuing cfs forcereintegrate dir command.