Once you are logged in to your workstation, you need to get a Coda authentication token by running the clog. Clog will prompt you for your Coda password and use it to get a token from the authentication server. This token will expire in about 25 hours. After the token expires, you must use clog to authenticate for another 25 hours.

The following in an example of running clog twice. The first time, the wrong password was entered:

% clog
% clog

To see your newly acquired token, use ctokens. This will display the tokens and their expiration time for your UID.

% ctokens
Token held by the Cache Manager:

Local uid: 9010
Coda user id: 9010
Expiration time: Thu Apr  6 18:51:35 2000

Use the cpasswd to change your Coda password. As with passwd, cpasswd will prompt for your current password, then ask you to enter a new password twice.

% cpasswd
Changing password for raiff
Old password:
New password for raiff:
Retype new password:
Password changed, it will be in effect in about 1 hour

You can "log out" of Coda by using the cunlog to tell venus to forget your tokens. Once you run cunlog, you will have the same privileges as an anonymous Coda user until you acquire a new authentication token.