Appendix B. System Configuration Files

FileWhereCreated ByEdited ByPurpose password database of in binary format used by auth2. Used for secure communication among Coda servers.
dumplist/vice/dbvice-setupcreatevol_repSpecifies which volumes to backup and when.
files/vice/dbvice-setuphandUpdate uses the files in files as a list of files to keep up to date.
servers/vice/dbvice-setuphandServer number. Used as part of a volume number.
VLDB/vice/ Volume Location Database. Used by clients to locate volumes.
prot_users.db, prot_index.db/vice/dbpdbtoolpdbtoolUser and group database used by Coda file-servers Used for secure communication among Coda servers.
VRDB/vice/dbvolutil, makevrdbvolutil, makevrdbMap group volume names and numbers from a replicated volume to a VSG and the read-write volumes that make up the replicated volume.
VSGDB/vice/dbvice-setuphandBy createvol_rep to map a VSG to a set of servers
AllVolumes/vice/ Human readable version of VLDB
maxgroupid/vice/volvice-setupcreatevol_repBy creatvol_rep when allocating group ids
partitions/vice/ Lists vice partitions for all servers.
RWlist/vice/volcreatevol_rep Lists all read write volumes.
VolumeList/vice/volcreatevol_rep List of volumes on server
VRlist/vice/volvolutilvolutilHuman readable version of VRDB.
SrvLog/vice/srvcodasrv Log of server activity.
SrvLog-??/vice/srvvolutil Old SrvLog. for securing the communication between the update daemons.
UpdateClntLog/vice/miscupdateclntupdateclntLog of updateclntactivity.
UpdateSrvLog/vice/miscupdatesrvupdatesrvLog of updatesrvactivity.
AuthLog/vice/auth2auth2 Log of authentication server activity.
venus.confClient: /etc/codavenus-setuphandVenus configuration file. Several other programs use it to get server names.