Hoarding for a Weekend

One of the most common uses of a Coda laptop is to take it home overnight or for the weekend. Naturally, you want to be sure that all of the files that you need over the weekend are in the cache; otherwise, there is little point in bringing the laptop home. The hoard(1) program helps you do this. Create a hoard file, as described in Section the section called Constructing a hoardfile, for each project you want to work on. You may also want hoard files for your personal files, such as your home directory if its in Coda, and other tools that you plan on using. It is best to clear the hoard database, whenever you switch projects to make sure you have enough space in your cache. You might consider having clear as the first command in your personal hoard file. If you do, make sure you always run hoard with this file before any other files. Once you've built hoard files for all of your tools and projects, its simply a matter of running hoard to build the hoard database you want. About fifteen minutes before you are ready to leave, force a hoard walk with the following command: hoard walk.

This will cause venus to attempt to cache all of the files in the hoard database. Wait until the hoard command completes. You are now ready to disconnect from the network. You are encouraged to try all of the commands you intend on using after you disconnect. If you are missing some files, it will be easy to reconnect and hoard them.