Chapter 4. Obtaining Coda

As of time of writing, Coda is supported on Linux, NetBSD and FreeBSD. Alpha quality Windows95/98 Coda client and WindowsNT Coda server are also available for testing purposes. We provide source code tarballs, precompiled Linux binaries in RPM packages, FreeBSD ports and NetBSD source packages.

Tip: Always check the INSTALL and README files on ( for last minute changes and updates that have not yet found their way into the manual.

Here are the specific steps to obtain packaged distributions for supported platforms:

Linux. Download RedHat RPMS for lwp, rvm, rpc2, coda-debug-client, and, if necessary, coda-debug-server from

FreeBSD. Download FreeBSD ports for lwp, rvm, rpc2 and coda from and untar them into /usr/ports directory on your system:
# cd /usr/ports
# tar xvzf path_to_downloaded_files/ports-lwp-version.tgz
# tar xvzf path_to_downloaded_files/ports-rvm-version.tgz
# tar xvzf path_to_downloaded_files/ports-rpc2-version.tgz
# tar xvzf path_to_downloaded_files/ports-coda-version.tgz

NetBSD. Download NetBSD source packages for lwp, rvm, rpc2 and coda from and untar them into /usr/pkgsrc directory on your system:
# cd /usr/pkgsrc
# tar xvzf path_to_downloaded_files/pkgsrc-lwp-version.tgz
# tar xvzf path_to_downloaded_files/pkgsrc-rvm-version.tgz
# tar xvzf path_to_downloaded_files/pkgsrc-rpc2-version.tgz
# tar xvzf path_to_downloaded_files/pkgsrc-coda-version.tgz

Source tarballs. You can obtain source code tarballs from To compile Coda you mast get following tarballs: lwp-version.tar.gz, rpc2-version.tar.gz, rvm-version.tar.gz and coda-version.tar.gz.

Important: FreeBSD ports and NetBSD packages are actualy only frameworks for compilation, they will download source tarballs and build Coda on your system. If you wish to perform Coda installation at later time, when Internet access would not be available, please download tarballs listed above and put them into /usr/ports/distfiles (FreeBSD) or /usr/pkgsrc/distfiles(NetBSD) on your system.