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GL3.2 for AIX: Graphics Library (GL) Technical Reference

deflinestyle Subroutine


Defines a linestyle.


Graphics Library

C (libgl.a)

FORTRAN (libfgl.a)

C Syntax

void deflinestyle(Int32 index, Linestyle linestyle)


SUBROUTINE DEFLIN(index, linestyle)
INTEGER*4 index, linestyle
Note: For FORTRAN users, this subroutine accepts long integer parameters (INTEGER*4) when invoked from a FORTRAN program, although it accepts short integers when invoked from a C program. The C and FORTRAN syntax shown here reflect this difference.


The deflinestyle subroutine defines a linestyle, which is a write-enabled bit pattern that is applied when lines are drawn. The least significant bit of the linestyle is applied first.

You can define up to 2(16) (65536) linestyles. By default, index 0 contains the pattern 0xFFFF, which draws solid lines. Index 0 cannot be redefined. A linestyle can be redefined by reusing an index.

  1. The operation of this subroutine for the Supergraphics Processor Subsystem is modified. (See "Hardware Considerations".)
  2. This subroutine cannot be used to add to a display list.


index Specifies the index into a table of linestyles.
linestyle Specifies a 16-bit pattern stored in the linestyle table at index.


The example C language program curved.c uses the deflinestyle subroutine to define a dashed line.

Implementation Specifics

This subroutine is part of GL in the AIXwindows Environment/6000 Version 1, Release 2 with AIXwindows/3D Feature.

On some display adapters, notably the High-Performance 3-D Graphics Processor, there is a performance penalty for drawing non-solid lines.

On the POWER GXT1000 adapter, the line stipple is reset for every line segment between a bgnline and endline subroutine pair and a bgnclosedline and endclosedline subroutine pair.


/usr/include/gl/gl.h Contains C language constant and variable type definitions for GL.
/usr/include/gl/fgl.h Contains FORTRAN constant and variable type definitions for GL.

Related Information

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