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LINUX is a UN*X-lie operating system that runs in multiple architectures, the most famoust one being the x86 family (Intel Pentium-4, AMD Athalon, etc), but it also works in PowerPC, Digital Alpha, SGI, Vax, SUN SPARC...

This OS was created by Linus Torvalds; in the last few years has become very popular because it is free.

Free in the sense that most programs (based on GNU code) have source code available for you to look at it, change it, compile it, create your own programs, run them....

And free because Linux distributions (the different flavour of Linux) can be obtained for free from the Internet or at very low cost from a vendor, and installed in different machines without having extra charges.

Linux has a very good support; you can find information in many websites, and there is a very big community that can help you via email (once you installed Linux you will soon find a Users Group or a mailing list to discuss Linux-related topics). Don't believe when people say Linux is not supported: I got better support for Linux than for my Digital UNIX workstation.

This website is one more attempt to help the Linux community and users to feel easy with the operating system. It had a different look (here is the old index page). Now I will put pages that can help to use or configure Linux, depending on my time.

To start with, you can find information about commands organized by alphabetical order, or if you prefer, same commands by topic

"Backups are for wimps. Real Men upload their data to an FTP site and have everyone else mirror it." -- Linus Torvalds 
Some more Linux quotes (large file!).
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