What is WorkMan?

WorkMan is a graphical tool for playing audio compact discs on a CD-ROM drive. It has most of the features available on standalone CD players, such as a shuffle mode, programmable playlists, and elapsed/remaining timers. But it also has extra features, foremost of which is the ability to store information about CDs in a database, then automatically extract that information when the CD is inserted later. WorkMan stores the artist's name, the disc title, the names of individual tracks, and even remembers which tracks you don't want to hear! All in an easy-to-use, attractive OPEN LOOK graphical interface.

Disc databases may be shared among any number of users on the network. WorkMan keeps separate databases for your private information about CDs (e.g. which order you like the tracks to play) and the discs' public information. During WorkMan's alpha test, several users shared my database, which now contains over 1300 CDs. That database is available via anonymous ftp from ftp.midwinter.com in the "WorkMan" directory.

With the CDDB support in the Debian package every CD that is available on a public CDDB server may be automatically included in the database. When you have online access to a CDDB server the information for every CD that is inserted will be retrieved from the server and included in the database.

WorkMan requires XView 3.0 or higher (which comes with the OpenWindows distribution, and is also available as part of X11R6.)

The manual page (workman.man) contains a brief description of the user interface, though for the most part you should be able to start using the tool right away without reading the docs. If you're curious about the program's innards, the workmandb.man manual page describes the database file format.

If you enjoy WorkMan, drop Steve a picture postcard! His address is

Steven Grimm
173 Sherland Ave.
Mountain View, CA 94043

However, if you think it's worth it, you may send another one to the current maintainer (that's me):

Dirk Försterling
Postfach 170235
44061 Dortmund

If you have comments, questions, and suggestions, please see the file CONTACT Check the frequently asked questions and known bugs / planned features lists before contacting -- what you want might already be possible!

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