* WorkMan online reference

WorkMan is a program for playing audio CDs on CD-ROM drives. It is available via anonymous ftp from ftp.midwinter.com.

At the time of this writing, re-structuring the documentation for this particular release of workman (1.3.5) won't happen. Most of the platform specific notes refer to somewhat old releases of the operating system and I don't know whether they still are correct. Due to my limited resources, some of that information may never happen to be updated. Sorry...


  1. What is WorkMan?
  2. Installing WorkMan
  3. Frequently asked questions
  4. Known bugs and planned features
  5. Differences from past versions
  6. Porting to a new platform
  7. Credits
  8. Contact information

Please save me some typing, and yourself some waiting, by looking through the above documents before sending me mail about problems you're having.

If you're reading this as part of the WorkMan distribution and you're on the Internet, you should probably go straight to the master copy so you'll get all the latest information.

Contact WorkMan maintainer: milliByte@DeathsDoor.com or visit milliByte's HomePage