This file may be incomplete. It is a list of people that were helpul in
creating and maintaining WorkMan. Especially former contributors may
not be listed here. Drop me a line if you feel that you are missing. Do
the same if you feel you shouldn't be listed here.


                  Workman Support Staff ;-)

[This is in no particular order]
Steven Grimm <>
  - Original Author. Summary: No Steve -> No WorkMan.
  - Today: No Steve -> No mailing lists.
  - Don't bug him with WorkMan questions. Direct them to or one of the mailing lists
    (see CONTACT).
Chris Ross <>
  - ULTRIX port

John Brezak <>
  - HPUX port. Note:  Hewlett Packard
    supplies this without warranty or support of any kind.
Chris Newbold <>
  - Linux port
  - (He seems to be swallowed by a big void...)

Tatsuo Nagamatsu <>
  - NEWS-OS port
John T. Kohl <>
  - BSD/386 port

Baruch Cochavy <>
  - SVR4 port

Todd Pfaff <>
  - FreeBSD port

R.J. Edwards <>
  - OSF/1 port

Michael Shalayeff <>
  - OpenBSD port

Dave Holland <>
  - He had the Idea to make the eject button to behave like
    open/close and supplied a patch.

Frank Pilhofer <>
  - His influence can't be described in one sentence.

Clif Cox <>
  - Linux soundcard mixer support
  - symmetric balance option

Bernd Wuebben <>
  - Used WorkMan as the base for his KDE CD-Player kscd.
  - Supplied some useful improvements through kscd.

Paul Kendall <> or <>
  - Irix (SGI) port, including CDDA (for future enhancement).

Adam Roach <>
  - contributed the basic fuzzy match code

Maurizio Codogno <>
  - researched a solution for wrong diaplay of 8bit characters.

Joe Smith <jms@antares.Tymnet.COM>
  - did some change to prevent WorkMan from segfaulting on malicious
    database files

Dan Mick <>
  - helped keeping WorkMan alive under Solaris (using Sun's cc).

Denis Bourez <>
  - decided to use the WorkMan code for ascd, the AfterStep CD-Player applet.
    He showed the direction for libworkman and collected the AIX port.
Erik O'Shaughnessy
  - AIX port.

Cloyce Spradling
  - did the AIX code in xmcd which served as basis for Erik's AIX port.

Volker Ossenkopf <>
  - the Debian maintainer supplied useful fixes for Linux.

Carey Evans <>
  - provided the hack to treat EIO like ENXIO under Linux

Alexander Chebotarev <>
  - did the initial open/close empty drive patch

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