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Welcome to the Magma HTML Help Document.
It contains an overview of Magma based on the
Overview nodes of the Magma Online Help System, together with
an HTML version of the whole of the Magma Handbook.
See below on this screen for more information on
moving around the Document.

See also the Magma Home Page for general information about Magma.

Release Notes V2.8 (July 31, 2001)

Sources of Documentation

(including First Steps and Tips & Tricks)



Moving around the HTML Help Document

The screens of the Document are arranged in a tree. On every screen, there are buttons at the top of the screen (and sometimes at the bottom also) which allow you to move around the tree. Here is a brief explanation of the buttons.


Move to the next screen in a depth-first traversal of the tree. That is, move down if possible; otherwise move right if possible; otherwise keep moving up until moving right is possible and then move right.


Move to the previous screen in a depth-first traversal of the tree. That is, move to the screen from which the [Next] button leads to this screen.


Move to the screen immediately right to this one if possible (that is, the next section, chapter, or part, etc.---useful for skipping subscreens you're not interested in while browsing).


Move to the screen immediately left to this one if possible.


Move to the screen immediately above this one (useful for moving back to the enclosing chapter or part, etc.).


Move to the Index screen. The Index screen leads to other Index screens which contain references to sections and Magma Intrinsics discussed in the Document.


Move to the root of the tree (this screen).

Thu Aug  9 19:30:21 EST 2001

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