Scanner Howto

(How to use the scanner)

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Ussing the scanner

The scanner is currently connected to the machine in the computer room called homotopy. That might change (unlikely) in the future, but you can identify the scanner as a flat, rectangular box in one of the computer tables with the words

written on top of it.

There are a couple of programs to handle the scanner, one is called xscanimage and the other xsane, the latter being a nicer one. Both programs are handled by mouse clicks, and the action should be clear from the short explanations given in the interface.

With xscanimage the files can be saved only in pnm format. Use xv to save it as jpg, gif or png, and delete the pnm file, which is usually very big. xscanimage works faster and better if you save the file in the /tmp directory (e.g. /tmp/out.pnm), and later you move the file (or convert it with xv) to your home directory.

Warning: due to some problem (that I have not figure out yet), with xsane you can save files only in the /tmp directory. You can move them to your directory later. With xscane you can save the file in many different formats (jpg, gif, png), you do not need to convert it later using xv.

Sorting out problems

Many times the scanner gets "stack" and nothing seems to work. You cannot even kill the job. In that case, you can swtich off the scanner, wait for 30 seconds, switch on and start xscanimage or xsane again. But please, be extremely careful about the following:

In case that the above trick does not work contact Mr. V. Nandagopal or Pablo.