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Miscellaneous stuff

This section contains a small collection of programs that you might find useful. Please browse our Linux site for more information on Linux commands.
Disk usage

To know how much space is left in the part of the hard disk (partition) where you home directory is do

   df $HOME
To find out how much disk space your home directory is using do

   du -s $HOME
If you want to find the usage of a particular directory do

   du -s directory-name
You need to have permission to list all files and directories inside that directory; otherwise the result of du will not be accurate.

If you want to save disk space you can compress those file you do not use/look at regularly; see the compression HOTWO document.

Job control

To know what programs are running in the machine under your name do

   ps x
You need to give x option or programs in the background will not show. If you want to stop a particular program, do

   kill number-of-program
where number-of-program is the number that appears in the first column after you do ps. If the program does not stop (you can check with ps after the kill command) then try

   kill -9 number-of-program
To see interactively all programs running in a machine use the top command.

Some times one of your programs will run for a long time and you do not mind if it does it slowly (say you are nice to the other users!). After starting the program you can find its number with ps and then make it run slowly with

   nice 10 number-of-program


Here are some programs to handle your files:

System information

Other commands

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