A (basic) Linux manual

And HOWTO do (some) things with Linux

© (2004) Pablo Arés, pablo /at/ math.tifr.res.in

All documents in this manual are covered by the GNU Free Documentation License; you can find a copy of it here

  Table of Contents (for the manual)

  1. Basic working of Linux
  2. Logging In and Out
  3. The Shell
  4. Directories and files
  5. Editors
  6. The TeX family: processing, viewing and printing
  7. Printing
  8. Mail
  9. X-windows
  10. Computations
  11. Internet
  12. CD's
  13. Miscellaneous stuff (disk usage, job control...)
  14. DOS and floppies
  15. More sources of information

  How to do certain things in Linux

  1. How to read and write CD's
  2. How to read DVD's
  3. How to set up your enviroment and aliases in the shell
  4. How to compress and decompress files
  5. How to compile C programs
  6. How to configure X windows and mouse options (not ready yet)
  7. How to crypt files
  8. How to download files non-interactively
  9. How to save files from a digital camera into the system
  10. How to print different types of files
  11. How to read attachments in the email
  12. How to play music
  13. How to use the scanner