Download Howto

(How to download files non-interactively)

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The problem

Browsing the Internet you find a file that you would like to read, but the download is too slow, and you want to go. So you need some utility that allows you to download the file while you are not present in the system (later on you will read it with your favourite browser). Below you will find several ways to do this.


Suppose the file you want to get is called information.html in the directory research/grants in the website Then issue the following command:

   wget -q &
You can safely log out of the system. The file will be save in your account, and later on you can read it (for example, with mozilla information.html).


You can also issue the following command:

   curl -s -o information.html &
Observe that you have to give a name of a file where you want to save the downloaded stuff (information.html in this case, the name after the -o option).

Automatic ftp

Check Question 5.6 in the FAQ of the School of Maths.