CFS Howto

(How to use cryptographic file systems)

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Basics on cfs

The idea of cfs (Cryptographic Filesystem) is to have an utility that allows the user to save files in an encrypted way, to protect it from being read/modified by other users. The setting of permissions of a file can prevent other "regular" users from reading (modifying) your files, but that is no prevention against the superuser (root). Or in case some one can guess your password, or some other security breach. So, cfs allows you to encrypt files with some other key (it could be your password, but for obvious reasons you should choose another key).
Below you will find the basic way cfs works.

Using cfs

Now your files are save in your crypt-dir in an encrypted way. Follow the steps above (cattach and cdetach) to work again in the directory.


If you forget your key, there is no way you can recover your files (unless you break the encrpytion, which is not so easy). Not even the superuser will be able to get them (remember, cfs also protect your files from the superuser!).