This is a set of sample configuration files for a Linux machine. They have comments, so you can understand them and make changes to fit your needs.

The list is far from complete; you can send me a mail (webmaster "at" with suggestions.
The links of the left are HTML files for easy reading; at the end of the line you will find a link to a text file for downloading
  1. auto.master, master file that controls files that are mounted on request; e.g. if you have a NFS client and do not want to have the files mounted all the time (text version)
  2., one of the files used by the auto.master (text version).
  3. exports, to share your disk with other machines (text version)
  4. fstab, how the different partitions of your hard disk(s) fit in the directory structure of Linux (text version)
  5. netgroup, to authorise machines/users over the network (text version)