1. Introduction

>From the MMBase website (www.mmbase.org):

"MMBase is a Web Content Management System with strong multimedia features. MMBase has a large installed base in The Netherlands, and is used by major Dutch broadcasters, publishers, educational institutes, national and local governments. MMBase is written in Java, it is Open Source Software (MPL) and all standards used are as 'open' as possible. The system can be used with all major operating systems, application servers and databases."

Unfortunately, the installation of MMBase is not well documented. Furthermore, when searching the internet looking for installation clues and trying out tips, it turns out that the details of the installation have changed frequently.

This document describes the installation of the MMBase content management system on a Red Hat Linux distribution, using the Tomcat application server, and the integration with MySQL and Apache.

It is based on our own experience and compiled to the benefit of the community.

These are the ingredients we used to cook up this recipe ourselves:

And before: